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Dear People of the World…

Following is an open letter to all people. Please read this and change your life accordingly.

Having said that, I know Travis will now do all the things that annoy me.

Dear People of the World,

1. If it is besides the point, don’t say it.

2. If you feel the need to start a sentence with “You probably all want me to shut up now,” please take your own advice.

3. If I roll my eyes every time you speak, it usually means “Shut up now” or “It is so interesting how little I care.”

4. If you speak to hear your own voice, start a one man show. Or purchase an animal. Don’t come to class.

5. I will ignore you if your color palette is an atrocity or scares me.

6. Don’t dress like a slut and pick a seat on the other side of the room- and then complain about every guy staring at your ass.

7. If you can’t complete a sentence, don’t start one.

8. Well known fact- I will treat you better if you start our conversation with a quote from 30 Rock, Anchorman or The Office.

9. Sneakers with holes- ok. Slippers with holes? Go buy a new pair.

10. Don’t backtrack on a stupid statement to please someone (For example, a professor). You sound like an idiot the first time, and even more of an idiot the second time.


More to follow…

P.S. This applies to my anthro course.

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  1. Travis April 22, 2010

    I will not dress like a slut.

  2. Caila April 22, 2010

    Thank you.

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