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Thanks Dudes

Today I am celebrating my 21st birthday. Like. Woah. I’m so old now. But thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! And if you didn’t… you are a birthday ruiner!

But I can now officially go out for drinks with all of you, so let’s celebrate everything!

Did an interview with John Cranford tonight, it went pretty well. I think something got messed up with recording it though, which upsets me. But thanks to everyone who tuned in!

So far my birthday rules have been…

1) Only cute/hot guys can be on my team (Unless they are Patrick, who called being on my team).

2) Get out of homework free pass needs to exist.

3) I don’t think I had a rule three.

4) Time should stop when I want to take a nap. Someone needs to grant me this power.

5) I can become Mayor of everything.

Now here’s a lovely bunch of photos by the awesome Vicky Jenkinson for Urban Velo‘s “I Love Riding In The City”.

I almost forgot. Spoked! is this weekend (March 4-6) and will be starting with Veer and Died Young, Stayed Pretty Thursday night 7 p.m. at River Club. But on Saturday there is going to be an all day bike artisan trade show and I’m going to have a table where I’m selling spoke cards and small prints (and taking orders for larger ones). So check out for more information and how you can get a vendor table ($25 donation, but you can easily split it with someone).

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  1. Greg Segelken March 1, 2010

    Happy birthday once again!

    I like your birthday rules, and found your Patrick tale very funny. I completely agree with your second rule... and as for the fourth one, YES please.

  2. Greg Segelken March 1, 2010

    Oh! Forgot to say that I love these photos, especially Bike in the Park 5!

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