Savannah, GA

San Francisco Day 2, Part 1

The adventures of Caila in San Francisco Day 2, Part 1!

I woke up at 4 am. Damn time zones. Went back to sleep for a couple of hours and then went looking for a coffee shop.  Managed to walk past the only one I knew of and kept going- ended up near City Hall I think. Found some trees. They were cool.

Oh yeah! There is it.

Went to Little Griddle for breakfast, because it was the first place I found. I’m sure I looked like a food critic because I had my notebook out and was furiously writing this.

If anyone from Little Griddle actually sees this- the food was delicious! I was writing notes on the theme I want to code and things I should do today :)

Found the trolley and took it down to Pier 39.

Hey look, I’m there!

I really like this photo because of the bird flying. And the boat. Sorry Allison, I didn’t get to take the tour but that would have taken such a large chunk out of my day.

The sea lions!

Ferry boats are cool.

Laws are enforced by the thousands of pigeons who have tried to attack me today. They’re just waiting. I know it.

Some really pretty ironwork I found on Chestnut St.

Some church thing I found.

Lombard St.!

And Lombard St., again.

Since I walked UP this, I think I was doing it wrong. Everyone else seemed to be going downhill. Oops!

Stay tuned for Day 2, Part 2: The Continuing Adventures of Caila After Her Phone Charges.

San Francisco Part 1

Hey! Look at me go, updating this blog. As I promised. To multiple people :P

Hope everyone is having a fun week. I’m in San Francisco for WordCamp San Fran, and took a day off to sightsee. The next few posts will be a visual diary of my adventures through this amazeballs city.

Good morning! Left for ATL at 6:30, naturally got to the Savannah airport at 5:50 and still had plenty of time to make it.

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